About us

Maybe you know the following situation only too well: an important customer invites you at short notice to a trade fair or Event visit. You obviously wish to accept the invitation, unfortunately, the search for a hotel during this time turns out to be a true adventure. As an organisation with many years experience in the tourism branch we have been unable in the past to offer a customer an adequate solution to this problem. We have therefore endeavoured to find a solution to address the two major concerns; the lack of accommodation in Basel during the Fair or Event periods and/or accommodation outside of Basel that is logistically not practical. The result has been an idea to offer our customers the possibility of a private apartment that would meet their requirements and is located close to the Fair. The time frame and budget are set by the customer and based on this information we would select the suitable accommodation. Apart from the advantage of an optimal location, you would also have a residence that can be used to meet your specific requirements and at the same time offer a high degree of flexibility. The transfer from airport to apartment, explanations to the location, and a welcome parcel will assist in facilitating the stay for you. You can also count on our support for any special wishes that you may have during the period of your stay in Basel.

We are looking forward to your request